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About Paratha Lovers

In 2019, I fulfilled my dream of bringing Punjabi warmth to Hyderabad by establishing Paratha Lovers. Infused with family recipes and a passion for authenticity, we crafted a menu featuring a diverse array of stuffed parathas. From the bustling streets of Amritsar to the vibrant lanes of Hyderabad, Paratha Lovers quickly became a gastronomic sensation. Paratha Lovers committed to quality and hospitality transformed a mere eatery into a cultural haven. With every flaky bite, patrons experienced the essence of Punjab. Paratha Lovers, flourished into a beloved culinary landmark, embodying the spirit of Punjab in Hyderabad's heart.

Paratha Lovers - Punjabi Restaurant
Savor blissful moments with loved ones over delightful, diverse parathas
Vibrant, wholesome, and nourishing – our fresh food delights every palate.

From the Press


Food is very fresh n tasty.
Ranjeet bhai hosting, service and explanation is top notch.
Felt like family food.


Very delicious food.. parathas were very tasty and paneer very soft and fresh in the curry. And icing on the cake was great conversation with the shop owner 😀.. would definitely visit again!


All types of Parathas are really good here.. even veg gravy curries are also good..Kaju paneer curry is on top notch... best in the locality...must try

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